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Video: Bayern Munich lose Bavarian derby to Augsburg

Bayern have dropped their last four matches

It hasn't been a very comfortable two weeks for Bayern Munich. There are injuries all over the field, and the losses are piling up. Saturday's 0-1 loss in the Bavarian Derby to FC Augsburg is the fourth in a row following defeats against Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen, and Barcelona. This is obviously not a good stretch.

Against Augsburg, the match was drastically changed by the early red card to Pepe Reina, but FC Bayern created enough opportunities to win the match. However, the attacking front were unable to capitalize on them. If Bayern want to advance in the Champions League past Barcelona on Tuesday, they're going to have to capitalize on nearly all of their opportunities.

Two positives did come out of the Augsburg match. The first is that nobody left the field due to an injury. The second is that, for the time that he was on the field, Pierre Højbjerg looked pretty good. Perhaps a six month loan to Augsburg is all that he needs before cracking Bayern's starting lineup next season?