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Did we just see Pepe Reina's last match for Bayern Munich?

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Rumors are linking the Spanish goalkeeper with a move away from Munich.

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

It's been an interesting year for Pepe Reina.

He went to the World Cup with Spain and played in a group stage game after the defending champions were on their way out after only three matches. Then, Napoli couldn't afford to make his loan permanent due to his wages, so Reina was on his way back to England as a backup. But, need of a third goalkeeper, Bayern Munich bought him from Liverpool for around €3 million at the beginning of the season.

He didn't play a lot this season, picking up only three starts in the league, but he picked up two clean sheets in those matches. However, it's possible that Saturday's silly red card against Augsburg could be the last time that we see Reina on the field for Bayern.

Reports out of Italy have been suggesting for some time that Napoli were going to figure out a way to bring the Spaniard back their club this summer. Most state that it hinges on whether or not Rafa Benitez remains as manager, but Reina has reportedly enrolled his children in a Naples-area school.

This summer is going to be incredibly interesting for Bayern Munich with regard to the transfer window. We're just getting started.