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Bayern Munich are Frauen-Bundesliga champions!

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Bayern Munich Frauen win the league for the first time since 1976.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

The Bayern Munich women are league champions!

After a season where they lost zero games, Bayern finally won the league in dramatic fashion on the very last day. To win the league, Bayern needed some help from their friends in Frankfurt, and Frankfurt delivered with a 1-1 draw against Wolfsburg.

Bayern did their share with a 2-0 win over SGS Essen that was over in the first half. Bayern tacked on two goals early in the game and had numerous chances in the second half to extend their lead. The biggest drama of the day occurred in the Frankfurt-Wolfsburg match. Frankfurt took an early first half lead and Wolfsburg went on the offensive to take back the game. Early in the second half, Frankfurt's goalie made numerous saves to keep her team in the lead. Finally, Wolfsburg broke through after getting passed the defenders and easily put the ball into the back of the net to tie the game. From that point on, Wolfsburg controlled the game and would have won, if not for Frankfurt's goalie being absolutely tremendous and stopping everything that came her way.

When the game ended, the Bayern players cautiously smiled and shook hands. They had completed their part and simply had to wait on the other game. The other match had a few more minutes of stoppage time, thanks to an injury earlier in the half. While the team waited, they paced around the field and thanked the fans. Finally, the news from Frankfurt came and the team began celebrating on the field. The players were elated to finally hold the trophy, which was actually a replica because the real one was in Frankfurt.

At long last, Bayern Munich is champions of the Frauen-Bundesliga after a crazy season in which they did not lose a single game. With the win, the team also qualifies for the Champions League. After not winning the league since 1976, it is finally time to celebrate in Munich. Bayern Munich are the champions of Germany, both for men and for women.