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Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund: Post-match awards and player ratings

In a hotly contested DFB Pokal semi-final that was decided by penalties, here are the players who stood out

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Bayern Munich crashed out of the DFB Pokal losing on penalties in embarrassing fashion to Borussia Dortmund. While Bayern played well it was Dortmund who will contest for the chance at silverware  in the DFB Pokal Final at the end of May.

Tip Of The Cap: Robert Lewandowski. Lewandowksi had himself a very strong game, grabbing Bayern's only goal. He looked strong and poised on the attack, teaming up well with Thomas Müller for some nice interplay. If not for some missed chances and shots that hit the woodwork, he would be much higher up on this list. His head injury at the end of extra time could be a serious issue for Bayern going forward.

Golf Clap: Mats Hummels. He was shaky at the beginning of the game, but Hummels wound up with an astounding 14 clearances and seven interceptions, both of which were game highs. When Bayern were throwing the kitchen sink at Dortmund, Hummels was a big part of why nothing went it. The only thing keeping him from being higher is the fact that he played Lewandowski on side allowing him to score Bayern's only goal.

Standing Ovation: Manuel Neuer. The recent recipient of the best keeper in the world award did his best to keep Dortmund off the score sheet. If not for some disorganized back line defense for Bayern, he probably would have kept a clean sheet. He stopped Marco Reus on a close range near gimme scoring opportunity and came up with several more quality saves to keep Bayern in the game. He also came up with a strong save when the game went to penalty kicks and if not for Bayern's inability to touch the twine, would have, nay SHOULD have come away with the win.

Meister Of The Match: Mitchell Langerak. As much of a tough pill as it may be to swallow for Bayern supporters, Langerak's performance should be admired. Stepping in for the injured legendary Dortmund keeper Roman Weidenfeller, Langerak came up huge with some great saves and some very strong clearances to break up Bayern's attack in the final third. He naturally saved his best for last in the PK section of the game. While Phillip Lahm and Xabi Alonso slipped, Langerak made a huge save on Mario Götze to all but seal the win for Dortmund. We can argue whether or not the game should have even gone to extra time until the cows come home, but the bottom line is that Mitchell Langerak played a fantastic game and, among the players, was the biggest reason why Dortmund won.

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