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David Alaba brings home March Player of the Month

Our monthly community awards are out and David Alaba is the Player of the Month.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

With another month in the books, it's time to look back at Bayern Munich's month of March taking note of the best and worst of the month's performances and awarding the Player of the Month honors from our community ratings.

Player of the Month

With a monthly rating of 4.03, March's Player of the Month goes to David Alaba. While he had his blip as part of the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach (along with the rest of the team), solid performances in his previous three outings including two stellar free kick goals in wins over Braunschweig and Hannover were enough to see the Austrian international comfortably win the player of the month over runnerup Thomas Müller (who notched 5 goals and two assists this past month).

Much of that consistency comes from the way in which Alaba has slotted in all over this team. Whether in the backline, in the 3-man midfield, or at leftback, David Alaba has been doing it all for Bayern Munich in the past month. His MCL injuryin Austria's friendly yesterday is going to be a severe blow for Bayern Munich and one that could come to define the end of this season for the club.

Methodology: The Player of the Month is generated by taking the mean player rating across all match performance votes the player received in the month of March. To address for playing time, matches in which a player did not play, are given performances deemed to be team average, or the average of all collective votes over the course of the month. For March the average vote was 3.32. All players who did not play in the month are excluded from the award.

Forms of the Month

The In-Form Player: Thomas Müller. 6% increase
The Out-of-Form Player: Arjen Robben. 27% decrease

Methodology: The month's form is found by calculating the player's average rating over all games as a percent difference of their season average rating. The player with the greatest percent increase is awarded the in-form award while the greatest percent decrease is awarded the out-of-form. All players who did not play in the month are excluded from the award.

Individual Match and Aggregate Ratings

vs. Braunschweig vs. Hannover vs. Bremen vs. Gladbach Agg. Rating
David Alaba 4.88 3.95 4.37 2.93 4.03
Thomas Müller 3.03 4.23 4.84 2.42 3.85
Jerome Boateng 3.91 3.37 4.3 2.93 3.67
Bastian Schweinsteiger 3.91 3.47 3.74 3.31 3.6
Franck Ribery 4.25 3.48
Robert Lewandowski 3.18 3.13 4.24 2.55 3.38
Pepe Reina 3.75 3.34
Holger Badstuber 3.85 2.66 3.26
Mehdi Benatia 3.5 3.26
Xabi Alonso 3.27 3.79 2.56 3.24
Rafinha 3.79 3.05 3.43 2.71 3.23
Arjen Robben 3.85 3.08 2.81 3.17
Mario Götze 4.47 2.51 3.46 2.58 3.16
Sebastian Rode 3.48 2.56 3.13
Mitchell Weiser 3.06 3.12
Philipp Lahm 3.39 2.54 3.1
Juan Bernat 3.26 2.92 3.36 2.67 3.07
Manuel Neuer 3.82 3.35 1.78 3.03
Dante 2.94 1.84 2.88 2.63

Community Man of the Match Honors

Pokal Round 3: David Alaba - 5th of the Season

Matchday 24: Franck Ribery - 3rd of the Season

Matchday 25: Thomas Müller - 3rd of the Season

Matchday 26: Bastian Schweinsteiger - 3rd of the Season

Community Scapegoat of the Match Honors

Pokal Round 3: Dante - 5th of the Season

Matchday 24: Dante - 6th of the Season

Matchday 25: Dante - 7th of the Season

Matchday 26: Manuel Neuer - 1st of the Season

Note: If you have any additional awards you would like to see given out, please let us know in the comments. In addition, we apologize for the lack of ratings for the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 victory against Shaktar Donetsk. This was an oversight on our part.

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