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Bayern Munich 3-0 Eintracht Frankfurt | Post Match Awards And Player Rating

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Bayern cruise to a 3-0 victory over Frankfurt. In a game with no shortage of fine performances, these players stood out above the rest

Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Thiago Alcantara. First things first. Happy birthday, Thiago! May you spend many more of them in Munich. It's hard to imagine that this guy had spent nearly an entire year on the injured list with the way he played this match. He had 95 touches with 93% passing accuracy in only 68 minutes on the pitch. His deft passing touch was on display as he was 5 for 6 on through balls. Bayern dominated possession this game and Thiago was a major reason for it. As the weeks go on, he is only going to get better and with the injuries Bayern has suffered, he could be a very important cog in this machine.

Golf Clap: Mario Götze. Mario seemed to take Pep Guardiola's comments about lacking a one on one player to heart. Arguably Bayern's best dribbler in traffic, he showed no fear with the ball at his feet and surrounded by Frankfurters. He also showed great chemistry with Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski, teaming up with them on several attacking runs. He played a direct hand in two of the goals today. On the final goal, he showed great vision with a chip to Mitchell Weiser down the right. If not for the fact that he was dispossessed quite a bit, he would have rated a lot higher. However, that shouldn't detract too much from what was otherwise a very strong performance

Standing Ovation: Thomas Müller. This was a classic Thomas Müller performance. He didn't flash a lot of ball skills, or launch any beautiful curling crosses, but he had an immense work rate, and did a lot of little things well. His goal was the result of an amazing sense of awareness with some quick decision making and a lot of hard work. With the ball rolling towards the base line, Thomas chased it down, turned and fired a shot at an impossible angle that went top shelf for a goal. It wasn't a jaw dropping display of skill, but for him to have the sense of where to strike the ball, with his back facing the crowd is impressive none the less. He also had a goal earlier in the game which was incorrectly called off sides as well as another breakaway chance late in the game which was flagged down as well.

Meister Of The Match: Robert Lewandowki. He doesn't get this award merely because he scored the most goals. Even if you wiped his two goals away, he still was the best player on the pitch. He had seven shots in this game, with four of them being on goal and seemingly every one of them looking like they would go in. The two goals he DID bag were a result of some incredible first touch skill and impressive athleticism. On the first one, he took a pass, flicked it over himself and the defender and to his right foot which fired a laser beam shot that keeper Kevin Trapp had no chance on. It wasn't just goal of the game, it was a goal of the year type shot. His second one came on a header where he just straight up out jumped everybody on to hammer it home from close range. It was a perfect microcosm of his entire game: Lewandowski was head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch.

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