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Paul Scholes: Bayern Munich would win the Premier League by 10-15 points

The Manchester United legend thinks Bayern would run all over the Premier League.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

There's always a lot of discussion about how one team would do playing in a different league. Fans of the English Premier League regularly try this argument to downplay the success of Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and Real Madrid in Germany and Spain. However, in his recent column at The Independent, Paul Scholes sees things quite differently.

Over the last two weeks our coaches and players in the Champions League have looked second rate. If you put one of Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich in the Premier League, they would win it by 10 to 15 points. Even PSG and Juventus look better sides than any of those currently at the top of the Premier League.

The former Manchester United legend is clear in his belief that Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich are unquestionably the three best teams in the entire world. This does seem to be the current consensus of the footballing world, too.

With Chelsea on track for 88 points this season, if any of the three finished "10 to 15 points" ahead of them, they would be points-wise the best team in the history of the EPL.

The bottom line to this season's failings? I think the big two in Spain, and Bayern, simply have better players than the English teams in the Champions League.

I think everyone would have to agree with Mr. Scholes here. Bayern, Barca, and Madrid do roll out scary impressive attacking front threes.

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