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Bayern Munich vs. SC Paderborn: Post-match Awards and Player Ratings

A 6-0 rout of SC Paderborn saw Bayern Munich's attacking corps earn most of the top honors in our match awards

Lars Baron/Getty Images
Tip Of The Cap: David Alaba

The Austrian international spent the majority of the day as the hub in Bayern Munich's midfield. While Xabi Alonso played incisive passes, and rotated possession seamlessly across the defense, it was David Alaba who shuttled play between the lines and facilitated Bayern Munich's vertical movement. When Xabi went off shortly after 70 minutes it was Alaba who slotted into the deep distributive role as Sebastian Rode took the more attacking reins from Alaba himself. It was a complex and versatile performance from the young 22-year-old.

Golf Clap: Robert Lewandowski

Netting two goals normally gets you higher up the list for Bayern Munich - unfortunately it wasn't Robert Lewandowski's day in that regard. His two opening goals saw him in true poaching form, operating just in front of the mouth of the goal, pouncing on easy tap ins. Other than that it was a quiet day at the office for Lewandowski as he dragged defenders to-and-fro, opening channels and lanes through which his teammates could pounce, and generally making himself into a massive pest for the Paderborn centerbacks.

Standing Ovation: Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben: two goals, two assists, 4 key passes, and 5 dribbles, the Dutchman was a brutal offensive force in the attacking midfield. His interchanges with Thomas Müller and play off Robert Lewandowski gave the Paderborn defense fits as he found pockets of his space to work his magic in.

Meister Of The Match: Franck Ribery

While Franck Ribery's single goal, two assist, 3 key pass performance doesn't quite measure up to Arjen Robben's, adding on top his 85 passes, nine successful dribbles and 10 accurate long balls (at a 100% success rate), puts Ribery over the top with a dominating full-bodied attacking display. Alternating between playing the central playmaking role and shifting out to the left wing as Robben and Müller combined their attacking talents, Ribery was a hub onto himself as he weaved and dove around Paderborn's defense.

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