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Arjen Robben guides Bayern to 2-0 win over Stuttgart, takes home player ratings prize

Arjen Robben narrowly beats out David Alaba in this week's aggregate player ratings while Robert Lewandowski and Mario Götze share the honor of drawing the voter ire this week.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

For the 10th time this season, and the second time already in the Rückrunde, Arjen Robben has taken home the bacon in the Bavarian Football Works player ratings. Scoring Bayern Munich's go ahead goal in the dying minutes of the first half was enough to earn Robben the award over fellow scorer David Alaba. Robben further poked his head in on the fun as Bayern Munich's almost lone creative player of substance against a Stuttgart side that took Robert Lewandowski and Mario Götze out of the game entirely.


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Arjen Robben 4.55 0.6
David Alaba 4.53 0.6
Xabi Alonso 3.95 0.57
Mehdi Benatia 3.68 0.74
Manuel Neuer 3.51 0.56
Juan Bernat 3.5 0.56
Bastian Schweinsteiger 3.47 0.6
Mitchell Wesier 3.29 0.57
Thomas Müller 3.13 0.78
Dante 3.03 0.55
Sebastian Rode 2.81 0.59
Robert Lewandowski 2.66 0.58
Mario Götze 2.45 0.76

Despite Arjen Robben's importance in Saturday's match, his now two-match reign as the player of the match was almost undone by David Alaba who finished just two one-hundredths of a point behind Robben in the rankings. Perhaps he'll take some comfort in the fact that his unerring precision-based strike won Bundesliga Goal of the Week honors?

Xabi Alonso had a better performance this time around for Bayern Munich after two woeful performances against Wolfsburg and Stuttgart. A large part of that equation is that Stuttgart opted for a slightly more conservative man mark strategy on the former Spanish international; a strategy that definitely allowed him to be a bigger piece of the puzzle for Bayern Munich.

On the poor end of the scale, it was Robert Lewandwoski and Mario Götze who bore the brunt of the community's ire, logging performance rating at 2.66 and 2.45. While the two Bayren Munich attackers definitely suffered from a Stuttgart strategy that effectively contained them, their inability to adapt and evolve over the course of the match really justifies their below average ratings in the eyes of the voters.

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