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Bayern Munich vs. Wolfsburg: Man of the Match and Community Ratings

Bayern Munich was awful on Friday against Wolfsburg. Their community ratings are also varying shades of bad to awful but someone had to to win Man of the Match. Which poor sap was that?

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When Bayern Munich gets absolutely thrashed like they did on Friday, it's not going to be a surprise when the community ratings come out the same way. In what was Bayern Munich's worst performance of the season, it's apropos that Bayern Munich would almost universally grade out at below average or abject in our community ratings. The only player immune to the scale -- immune being a relative term here -- was David Alaba who was voted the Bavarian Football Works Man of the Match for Matchday 18 against Wolfsburg. He earned a 3.03 grade.

matchday18-wolfsburg-commmunity rating

Player Rating Std Dev.
David Alaba 3.03 0.99
Juan Bernat 2.94 1.14
Arjen Robben 2.81 1.14
Jerome Boateng 2.53 0.94
Manuel Neuer 2.4 1.03
Mario Götze 2.39 1.16
Mitchell Weiser 2.36 1.02
Bastian Schweinsteiger 2.26 1.12
Thomas Müller 2.23 1.11
Xabi Alonso 2.16 1.01
Claudio Pizarro 2.13 1.03
Robert Lewandowski 1.97 1.02
Sebastian Rode 1.92 0.96
Dante 1.61 0.95

Coming in right behind David Alaba were Juan Bernat and Arjen Robben who were the only players who I can safely say the community didn't overwhelmingly vote as below average in their ratings.

The rest of the Bayern Munich team all posted season low ratings with Xabi Alonso taking on the furthest tumbles from his usually consistent above average self. While it may be a point of contention as to how a player is supposed to impact a game while being man marked completely out of it, when Alonso did find himself on the ball it was generally pretty poor in quality.

However, the real negative grades we're reserved for Robert Lewandowski, Sebastian Rode, and Dante who all finished below the 2.0 line of below average. They join the ignominious club of Mehdi Benatia as the only Bayern Munich players this season to register a performance below the 2.0 threshold. Dante in particular had an atrocious game  and now officially takes over the title from Benatia for the worst individual performance this season.

All in all the community ratings this week are a nice way of saying "oh boy did Bayern Munich suck on Friday".

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