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Bavarian Football Works is looking for new writers

It's time to expand our writing staff at Bavarian Football Works.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

With Bayern Munich heading off for their winter break, we've decided that now is the best time to begin our search for a few new people to add to our writing staff here at Bavarian Football Works.

The requirements for this position are relatively simple. There are three of them.

  1. You have to love the sport of soccer/football/fußball.
  2. You have to love Bayern Munich.
  3. You have to want to write about those two things.

At this time we haven't decided exactly how many people we'd like to bring on to the staff, so any and all are welcome to apply. In a perfect world, some of our regular commenters will be more than enough to fill the void. However, we look forward to any and all inquiries.

You can reach us at

Thanks for reading.

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