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Where does Pep Guardiola's contract saga actually stand?

Independent reports in the German and Spanish media have stated that Pep Guardiola is leaving Bayern Munich.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Two months ago, Bayern Munich wanted a new contract with Pep Guardiola done by the November business meeting. By the November business meeting they had re-announced they wanted a decision by Christmas. Today is 10 days before Christmas and according to reports Bayern Munich have their word from Guardiola.

That word is "No".

Independent reports from Christian Falk of SportBILD and Jose Felix Diaz of Marca state that Pep Guardiola has informed the Bayern Munich board that he will not be renewing his contract and will be leaving at the end of this season. Both Falk and Diaz in their reports note the ever present rumor that Guardiola may join Manchester City, but Falk in particular also mentions the idea that Guardiola may take another sabbatical. Falk in particular has a strong track record of putting his name on reporting that he believes in, despite the reputation of SportBILD as a whole, and the same  goes for Diaz at Marca.

Naturally, despite just reporting those simple facts the logical endpoint for this morning's news was that Carlo Ancelotti was crowned the new coach of Bayern Munich by so many transfer rumor outlets bereft of any actual reports stating as much. Someone should remind them silly season doesn't start for another two weeks.

At this point, we're still nowhere closer to anything approaching an official confirmation from Bayern Munich, and that's really the only word that counts. Bayern Munich have the financial wherewithal to make any situation and incentive package happen for Guardiola, and just because he said no this week doesn't mean he can't change his mind if Bayern decide to roll out the money wagon and plop it on his doorstep. Though I have my doubts as to whether that would even be effective, given he can probably name his salary where ever he decides to go.

But month-by-month and day-by-day, this rumored new contract has slowly seemed to march toward the inexorable conclusion that Pep Guardiola wouldn't sign an extension with Bayern Munich. And today's news hasn't done anything to change that.

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