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The Philipp Lahm of old is back and driving Bayern Munich

Bayern cruised to a 1-0 victory over Darmstadt to advance in the DFB Pokal. These are the folks who helped propel Bayern to victory

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Joshua Kimmich. Playing in what could be thought to be an odd pairing with Xabi Alonso, given their similar skill set, Kimmich distinguished himself and played off of Xabi very nicely throughout this match. Looking to set up his offense, Kimmich often ran into a brick wall of eight or more defenders stacked inside the Darmstadt penalty area, but that didn't seem to phase the new 20 year old transfer. This was another solid performance for the kid to put under his belt.

Golf Clap: Xabi Alonso. Him and Joshua Kimmich did a very good job locking down the defensive midfield, but Xabi gets the nod over Kimmich in the awards simply do his wundertor that should be #1 on SportsCenter's top 10 for the next fiscal year. It was a goal that had no business finding the netting, but it did. And it just so happened to be the decider in this match.

Standing Ovation: Kingsley Coman. The youngster continued his impressive but unexpected (at least by now it's unexpected) performance locking down the left flank consistently dribbling past defenders, able to simply blow past them with his blazing speed or using his nifty foot work to break them down. He still needs to work on his crossing touch, but he'll get there eventually. Even without that skill, he's still a remarkable player to watch.

Meister Of The Match: Phillip Lahm. Just when you think he's lost a step. Just when you think the game has passed and his years of playing at a high level are over, Phillip Lahm finds new ways of blowing the minds of the Bayern faithful all over the world. Playing as a hybrid winger/rightback/whatever-the-hell-he-wants-to-do, he was instrumental in both the Bayern attack and defense helping to limit to Darmstadt counter attack as well as flashing some offensive skills not seen in....well, I'm not quite sure I've ever seen him look so offensively minded.

Jersey Swap: Marcel Heller. The 29 year old has produced some jaw dropping moments for his newly promoted side, and it continued here against Bayern. He clearly has a lot of skill with his footwork, and given some teammates who could finish a little better, there's no doubt he would have had about 2-3 assists. He was very creative in his attack and even dribbled Thomas Muller out of his shoes.

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