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Pep Guardiola passes paper instructions to Philipp Lahm in the middle of a game

Whatever Pep had on that paper worked.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Bayern Munich were struggling to break down a resolute Ingolstadt defense during Matchday 16. Die Schanzer had been in stellar form so far this season, allowing only 15 goals in their first 15 matches. In the Bundesliga, only first place FC Bayern had a better defensive record.

For the first hour of the match, Bayern were 100% on the back foot for the majority of things. Ingolstadt knew that the injuries Bayern were suffering would make them a little tentative and a bit susceptible to pressing, and they worked it to perfection. If not for Manuel Neuer, FCB could have found themselves down a goal or two.

Unable to bring his entire team to the sideline for a quick tactics discussion in the middle of the match, Pep Guardiola saw his opportunity in the 56th minute. With Philipp Lahm on the sidelines for a throw-in, Guardiola ran over and pushed a piece of paper into Lahm's hand.

Lahm jogged back onto the field and proceeded to read the instructions passed onto him by his coach. After he finished whatever the instructions said for him, Lahm passed the instructions off to Javi Martinez who was anchoring Bayern's midfield at the time.

Whatever was on the instructions seemed to work.

Ten minutes later, Robert Lewandowski finally scored the breakthrough goal to give Bayern the 1-0 lead. Then, in the most joyous moment of the match, Lahm banged home the clincher in the 75th minute.

So, the question must be asked: What did the paper actually say?

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