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Are Pep Guardiola's contract extension talks about to turn into a gigantic mess?

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That Bayern Munich are pursuing a contract extension with Pep Guardiola is the worst kept "secret" in world football. Despite both the Bayern Munich front office and Pep Guardiola's best efforts to put a lid on it, it's asked about at nearly every event and is spun around the rumor mill every week or so with clubs ranging the length of Europe engaged in vying for his signature.

While most of that is likely just the transfer rumor industrial complex hard at work, it goes to show just how much of a spotlight is on Bayern Munich right now. And the board knows it. So when Karl-Heinz Rumenigge actually speaks about it, people sit up and listen.

Cool story, bro. There's just a few concerns I have.

Today, Sport1 ran a fairly lengthy article to the effect that Bayern Munich are intending to offer Pep Guardiola a contract extension until 2018 with a substantial raise of nearly €3M per season (increasing from €12M to €15M). While normally not an earth shattering detail, it's with the fact that Sport1 has previously reported that the board expects the deal to be done by the club's general meeting in late November. Last time I looked at a calendar the winter break is not in November.

Either Bayern Munich or Guardiola is pushing out this timeline (or Sport1 has their information totally wrong, which I'd doubt given their reputation). Pushing out a contract extension timeline doesn't seem like a good sign no matter which way you spin it, especially when the club involved is Bayern Munich.

Remember, this club is not the kind of club that sits and waits. Jupp Heynckes was one of the most celebrated coaches in all of Germany in 2012. And with Heycnkes weighing retiring versus continuing to coach, Bayern Munich refused to let him decide on his own and signed Pep Guardiola six-to-seven months before Heynckes lead them to their first treble.

Pep is an amazing coach, but would you expect the same team that did that to sit around until January to decide their future? And Guardiola may well be one of those extraordinary cases given his history of success, so maybe they will wait, but count me as skeptical. With an array of young, talented coaches in the Bundesliga, Carlo Ancelotti on sabbatical, and a host of coaches nearing the end of their deals, expect Bayern Munich to start planning for a future without Pep Guardiola.

And despite their best efforts, that's probably going to get out and it's going to be open season in the media. I'd start preparing to strap in on this one.

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