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WATCH: Thomas Müller was the least ridiculous thing about Bayern Munich's 4th goal


Sometimes when it rains ridiculous goals, it pours ridiculous goals. After Bayern Munich's 5-on-1 counterattack to open the scoring in the first half, the finished up their first half scoring with another silly goal, this one involving bad shots, crossbars and overrun balls.

Let's play a little game where we count the number of things that go wrong on this play

  1. Kingsley Coman's shot is poor, which Przemyslaw Tyton then flubs
  2. Robert Lewandowski overruns the loose ball and has to give it back to Coman
  3. Coman sends in one of the worst crosses and almost puts it out of play
  4. Vidal makes a great effort, only to head the ball completely unmarked into the cross bar
And after all of that, Thomas Müller cleans up the mess in the box with a simple headed goal. When a play ends with Thomas Müller and he is the least ridiculous thing about it, you know it's been a silly day. And given this was Bayern Munich's 4th goal of the first half, it's safe to hope the second half is going to be even more silly fun.

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