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WATCH: Stuttgart show how not to defend, Douglas Costa scores easily

Sometimes Bayern Munich just flat out score because their opponent refuses to defend

Thomas Müller and Arjen Robben have been eating the Stuttgart defense alive all game and this attack was just another in a long line of great attacks generated by their work. And Douglas Costa got to reap the rewards.

It's basically another counterattack against a Stuttgart defense that has been so dead set on playing a high line that Bayern Munich are just pressing and passing their way through with ease. Look, I get the desire form Stuttgart to come to the Allianz Arena and make this game competitive, but what the did in the sequence leading up to this goal borders on stupidity.

The fact that Bayern Munich could generate a turnover and counter, FROM WITHIN the Stuttgart half, and the subsequent space left completely empty at the back post on this play for Douglas Costa was just laughable.

And if you give Bayern Munich an inch, let alone a mile, they will score.

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