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WATCH: Bayern Munich score on a blazing 5-on-1 counterattack against Stuttgart

A goal bordering on ludicrous

Bayern Munich simply don't do thing the easy way. From their personnel movement to their formation, everything is complex yet brilliant. All of which means, that when we see them execute a flawless counterattack we get to sit back and marvel at those moments when the simplicity of their play shows just how head and shoulders above everyone else they are.

But even this time, it's hard to separate the simplicity of this counterattack with the fact that BAYERN MUNICH ARE COUNTERATTACKING WITH 5 PLAYERS!!! That's half the outfield and it's utterly ludicrous that they can do this. From a game standpoint, Stuttgart certainly didn't do themselves any favors considering it was one of the worst corners in recent memory but sometimes you just have to sit back and admire the beauty of Bayern Munich.

Also, an Arjen Robben stomach goal. Just for good measure.

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