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WATCH: Thomas Müller can't help himself, must poach goals

Thomas Mülelr's motto really should be "Can't leave any loose ball unscored"

Lars Baron/Getty Images

After Robert Lewandowski put Bayern Munich in the drivers seat against Arsenal, Thomas Müller remembered that it's his job to make sure they stay in the drivers seat.

And the best way to do that is to poach goals, because who doesn't like lucky bounces, flubbed shots, and being unmarked in open space to turn into goals? Oh wait, that's right Arsenal don't like that.

Again, it's Bayern Munich doing great things with the speed and ability of Douglas Costa. Not many players can drive a flank like that and then hit a pinpoint perfect cross to Kingsley Coman. This really should have been an opportunity to celebrate the young Frenchmen who should have scored with a fantastic volley.

Unfortunately for him, he flubbed it pretty badly. Fortunately for Bayern Munich, Thomas Müller loves to poach goals.

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