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Javi Martinez's versatile role against Schalke 04 was impressive, match awards and ratings

Javi Martinez asserted himself in this game, but in less than ideal conditions, he wasn't the only one

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

Tip Of The Cap: Thomas Muller. His goal put the exclamation point on this game, but overall throughout this match, he was fairly dangerous in the attack. Schalke 04 led a very organized defense and whenever Muller touched the ball, they seemed to key up on him immediately. Despite all this, he still managed to get three shots on target and three passes that led to shots on target. With the rain pouring down, a lot of this game was fairly sloppy, but Thomas found a way to work through the soggy pitch and played a very strong game.

Golf Clap: David Alaba. The youngster drew the unenviable task of being matched up with one of Schalke's most promising talents in Leroy Sane and it was a heck of a battle between the two talented youngsters. Alaba did just enough in all phases of the game to distinguish himself and his goal, while it certainly took a deflection off of Leon Goretzka, certainly got this game going.

Standing Ovation: Arturo Vidal. He didn't have any goals or assists against Schalke 04, but this is the game that most fans have been waiting for since Bayern brought him over from Juventus. He was calm, assertive, and had just enough of an edge to his game to instill a bit of fear in the midfield. He led Bayern in tackles and interceptions but also in passes that led to a shot on goal. This kind of box to box game is just what we can expect from him going forward.

Meister Of The Match: Javi Martinez. Versatile is one word you could use to describe Javi's skill set, but that sells him short. What made him great was that not only did he play the role of center forward, center back, holding mid, deep lying mid, but he played them all very well. He had 123 passes this game with a 94% accuracy including five passes longer than 30 yards, but it was his goal that set him apart. His emphatic header to break the 1-1 deadlock, really opened up this game for Bayern near the end and gave the team more life.

Jersey Swap: Leroy Sane. It was Max Meyer who got the goal for Schalke, but it was created thanks the the hustle of the 19 year old. All game long, Sane weaved his way through the midfield and led a potent counter attack that if not for some stiff defending from David Alaba, could easily have yielded many more goals. If he keeps this kind of form up, he will certainly attract some interest from the bigger clubs this summer, but for now, Schalke can take pride in the fact that their academy had produced another gem.

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