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Dinamo Zagreb's Arijan Ademi under UEFA investigation for failed drug test

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What does this mean for Bayern?

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Dinamo Zagreb has announced that midfielder Arijan Ademi is currently under investigation from UEFA for a failed drug test. The failed drug test occurred after the Croatian club's first Champions League match against Arsenal. Zagreb won that match 2-1.

Ademi played every minute against Arsenal, and he followed it up with 90 minutes against Bayern Munich during the Bavarians big 5-0 victory.

Zagreb say they were blindsided by the investigation.

"Our players are constantly under doping control, especially during the UEFA competitions, and this is the first time we are facing a situation like this one. We are surprised because Ademi was selected for doping control six times this year and results were negative every time, as well as results of every other player who was selected for doping control by UEFA or Croatian Anti-Doping Agency."

UEFA won't issue a comment until after Ademi's B-sample is tested. When a player is tested, they must give two samples in order to rule out a false-positive. If Ademi's B-sample comes back positive, he faces a two year ban.

For Bayern, Ademi's suspension will likely just alleviate some of the pressure when the Bavarians venture to Zagreb for the return leg at the beginning of December. The 24 year old Macedonian would be a big loss and major disadvantage for Zagreb now that they have a legit shot at qualifying for the knockout rounds of the Champions League.