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Robert Lewandowski scores a ridiculous number of goals; runs away with Player of the Month

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Our readers voted. They selected the Player of the Month. You'll never guess who it is (this is a lie)

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Bayern Munich are still undefeated. They registered six wins across six matches in September. Despite the loss of their key talisman of yesteryear in Arjen Robben, they've continued stellar play, and most of that has been on the back of their best

Player of the Month

Did you know Robert Lewandowski is the best striker on the planet? Yeah, he is. That's why he scored 11 goals in September which when you take a step back (or don't) is an absolutely ludicrous number. Appearing in five of the six matches for Bayern Munich this last month, Lewandowski registered a GOAL FOR EVERY 34 MINUTES HE WAS ON THE PITCH. Sure, that's artificially inflated by scoring five goals in nine minutes against Wolfsburg, but really numbers don't matter at this point so much as the ridiculous and completely true narrative.

It's hard to imagine any player having that good of a month again, but given the way Lewandowski just helped spank Borussia Dortmund to the tune of a brace in a 5-1 win, maybe his October is going to be just as great.

Methodology: The Player of the Month is generated by taking the mean player rating across all match performance votes the player received in the month of August. To address for playing time, matches in which a player did not play, are given performances deemed to be team average, or the average of all collective votes over the course of the month. For September the average vote was 3.71. All players who did not play in the month are excluded from the award.

September's Biggest Rise and Biggest Fall

Most In-Form: Jerome Boateng: 5% increase

Here are the number of goals a Boateng-led backline conceded in August: 2 --- in 4 games.

Here are the number of goals a Boateng-led backline  conceded in September: 2 --- in 6 games.

Least In-Form: Thomas Müller: 8% decrease

Sure, by the math Thomas Müller showed the biggest drop in form from August. Then again his August performance alongside Douglas Costa was absolutely electric as he notched 5 goals. This is less a reflection of Thomas Müller's form as he scored 3 goals to go along with an assist in September and more a underlining of his August performance.

Methodology: The month's form is found by calculating the player's average rating over all games as a percent difference of their season average rating. The player with the greatest percent increase is awarded the in-form award while the greatest percent decrease is awarded the out-of-form. All players who did not play in the month are excluded from the award.

Individual Match and Aggregate Ratings

vs. Augsburg vs. Darmstadt vs. Wolfsburg vs. Mainz vs. Olympiacos vs. Zagreb Weighted Average
Robert Lewandowski 4.43 4.98 4.71 3.24 4.9 4.28
Douglas Costa 3.87 3.94 4.01 4.35 3.59 4.85 4.06
David Alaba 3.46 4.06 4.13 4.1 4.16 4.05 4.01
Thiago Alcantara 3.64 2.73 3.63 4.6 4.81 3.9
Kingsley Coman 2.91 4.37 4.19 4.04 4.17 3.89
Sebastian Rode 4.83 3.85
Mario Götze 3.23 4.09 3.36 4.09 4.1 3.83
Thomas Müller 3.71 3.29 3.74 3.13 4.68 3.39 3.77
Jerome Boateng 3.3 3.83 3.86 3.46 3.77 3.59 3.65
Manuel Neuer 3.28 4.02 2.87 3.75 3.98 3.99 3.64
Philipp Lahm 3.23 3.48 3.76 3.81 3.81 3.64
Javi Martinez 3.28 3.58 3.72 3.75 3.64
Arturo Vidal 2.84 3.98 3.44 3.81 3.43 3.51
Rafinha 3.05 3.95 3.22 3.31 3.51
Xabi Alonso 3.17 3.1 3.31 3.43 3.85 3.47
Joshua Kimmich 2.69 3.72 3.01 3.06 4.08 3.33
Juan Bernat 2.88 3.49 2.42 3.43 3.34 3.19

Community Man of the Match Honors

Matchday 4 vs FC Augsburg - Robert Lewandowski - 1st of the Season

Matchday 5 vs. Darmstadt - Sebastian Rode - 1st of the Season

Matchday 6 vs. VfL Wolfsburg - Robert Lewandowski - 2nd of the Season

Matchday 7 vs. FSV Mainz 05 - Robert Lewandowski - 3rd of the Season

Champions League Matchday 1 vs Olimpiacos - Thomas Müller - 1st of the Season

Champions League Matchday 2 vs Dinamo Zagred - Robert Lewandowski - 4th of the Season

Community Scapegoat of the Match Honors

Matchday 4 vs FC Augsburg - Joshua Kimmich - 1st of the Season

Matchday 6 vs VfL Wolfsburg - Juan Bernat - 1st of the Season