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WATCH: Manuel Neuer with Unbelievable Save to Keep Match Scoreless

Just in case people forgot, Neuer is freaking awesome.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper in the world. Everyone knows that, and he has the individual awards to prove it. Just in case anyone forgot though, he did this:

Arsenal were gaining momentum, working their way into Bayern Munich's defensive half to try to find the opener. Nacho Monreal delivered in an excellent cross towards the penalty spot, where Theo Walcott was waiting to head it into the back of the net. Unfortunately for him and the Gunners, Neuer's outstretched hand stood in his way, and the match remained scoreless.

The degree of difficulty of that parade magnified the magisterial beauty of it. Bayern were able to force a bad shot after that to end the chance, but there was only one highlight worth commemorating.

Awesome, Neuer. So awesome.