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Tottenham supporter: Sorry Bayern Munich, Arsenal have already won the moral victory

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According to this Tottenham fan, Bayern have already last one battle in the war against Arsenal.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Are you one of the Bayern Munich supporters that are on the fence about disliking Arsenal? Have you thought, "Well, they're the best of a bad bunch"? I used to be just like you. Quite frankly, they just didn't bother me as much as the other teams in England did.

However, I wanted to be proactive in my hate for Arsenal. So, I knew that there was only one place to go. I went to SB Nation's very own Tottenham Hotspur blog Cartilage Free Captain. Skipjack was very kind to share some words with us and tell us a reason that he hates Arsenal and about the battle that Bayern Munich have lost before kickoff.

Being an Arsenal fan must be a rewarding experience. So confident are they in the knowledge that no English team attempted a forward pass before Arsene Wenger arrived in North London in 1996, perhaps only Barcelona fans have more certainty in the moral superiority of their side. And it is probably unfair to compare a team to their feeder squad.

To hear an Arsenal fan tell it (and trust me, they will they tell it) they brought a revolution to world football that changed the modern game beyond recognition and it is only the presence of oil rich money barons (and presumably whoever they face in the Champions League's Round of 16) that keeps them from ruling world football like a more effective version of Barcelona.

While it would be foolish to ignore the very real contributions Wenger made to the modern game, most notably the introduction of broccoli to the British Isles, his real accomplishment is the creation of the world's most pretentious fan base. While they may have slipped from English title contention, they still lead the league in moral victories. Sure they only drew the match, but did you see how many more passes they completed? Yeah they didn't win, but did you check out that backheel? Ok, Chelsea dominated them, but did they play the right way? I don't think so.

I'm sorry Bayern fans. You're probably going to win the group, but the moral victory has already been won.