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Thomas Müller wins Man of the Match honors against Werder Bremen

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Let's be real. This was a garbage match to watch.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images
Tip Of The Cap: Milos Pantovic

The Bayern Munich II man made his first team debut for FCB with a late substitute appearance. He's got five goals and two assists in the Regionalliga so far this season. Congratulations are in order for the 19 year old.

Golf Clap: Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer isn't called upon often during Bayern matches, but when he is, he usually comes up big. Anthony Ujah was clean on goal after Juan Bernat fell to the ground, but Neuer stood his ground and made a massive save to keep Werder off the board. This was his 137th clean sheet in the Bundesliga. Whoa.

Standing Ovation: Robert Lewandowski

While he didn't get on the score sheet on the day, Robert Lewandowski gets a standing ovation for his efforts on the day. Why? He earned two penalties during the match that the referee didn't whistle. In the first half, Lewandowski was clearly pulled from behind in an attempt to keep him getting to the ball. Then, in the second half, he was taken down by Felix Wiedwald in a very obvious red card challenge in the penalty area. He didn't get either call, but FC Bayern still pulled out all three points.

Meister Of The Match: Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller gets the award for the day for scoring the lone goal in the match. it was quite well taken, as he slipped right around Felix Wiedwald in the Werder Bremen goal. Müller also came closest in the second half to doubling FC Bayern's lead, but he wasn't able to give FCB the 2-0 lead. However, his goal earns him man of the match.