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Bayern Munich's Quest for 101 Goals - Matchday 9 Preview Comparison

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This season's FC Bayern Munich team is trying to reach the record for goals scored in a Bundesliga season, held by none other than ... the 1971-72 FC Bayern squad. Can the current guys reach 101? We compare the two teams by matchday.

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

After taking a run at the team goal scoring record last season, only to fade late while battling an unusually bad spell of injuries, while already having clinched the Bundesliga title early, the 2014-15 FC Bayern Munich team ended well short of 101, scoring "only" 80 goals.

But, once again, Bayern Munich has a chance to equal or surpass the Bundesliga record for the most goals scored in a season, which currently stands (and has stood for over 40 years) at 101 goals scored, and they've had a promising start.

Who are they chasing? None other than the 1971-72 Bayern team, with the likes of Franz Beckenbauer, Uli Hoeneß, Sepp Maier, and, most importantly, Gerd Müller gracing the roster.

Current count

After matchday eight of the current season, Bayern stand at 28 goals scored, giving them an average of 3.5 goals per game, which puts them on pace for 119 goals.

Up this week

Bayern travel to the far north to visit their former rivals, Werder Bremen, who have fallen on tough times in recent years.  They are currently sitting in 14th place (just 2 points out of the relegation zone), and are sporting a four-game losing streak, including two recent losses to newly promoted sides FC ingolstadt and SV Darmstadt.  The Reds will look to add to Bremen's misery, while trying to set a new record for most wins to start a season (they are currently tied with the 2012/13 triple-winning Bayern team at eight).  They hope to avoid the same fate as Jupp Heynckes' team in the coach's final season, when they lost at home to Bayer Leverkusen to (temporarily) end their run.

Goals Scored

Number of games remaining: 26

2015-16 - 28 goals

1971-72 - 17 goals

Pace: This season's FC Bayern is 11 ahead of the 1971/72 team.

Matchday 9, 2015-16

Opponent: Werder Bremen

Goals Allowed: 13

Result: TBD

Matchday 9, 1971-72

Opponent: VfB Stuttgart

Goals Allowed: 8

Result: 2-2 draw, Home

The record holders from 43 years ago welcomed their Southern neighbors from Stuttgart, who were in fourth place at the time.  Bayern would give up two goals, one in the 35th, the other in the 49th minute, before Munich's forward Wolfgang Sühnholz scored a goal four minutes later to cut the deficit to one.  Franz "Bulle" Roth would tie the game in the 65th minute, to secure one point for the hosts.