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Wolfsburg 4-1 Bayern Munich: Man of the Match, Player Ratings

In an ugly loss to Wolfsburg, don't expect to see too many Bayern faces, if any, grace the podium in this weeks awards section. Wolfsburg played like the young, hungry dangerous team that they are and they deserve a hearty humbling round of applause

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Tip O' The Cap: Maximilian Arnold

The 20 year old Wolfsburg central midfielder played a great box to box game and more than held his own against the mighty Bayern reds. His passing from his own end to start the counter attack led directly to three of Wolfsburg's goals, but one stat that stood out was his 86% passing accuracy. That is pretty dang good for the promising youngster. He went toe to toe with Xabi and Basti, and I'd say the youngster won this round.

Golf Clap: David Alaba

Even though Arjen Robben had a team high 6 shots, most of Bayern's attack came through the left side of the pitch which fell to Alaba and Juan Bernat. In his first game back from injury, Alaba played a very strong game. He had the third highest touches on the team and completed a whopping 92% of his passes. Even though most of them might have been short passes, that's still impressive.

Standing Ovation: Bas Dost

The 25 year old Dutch international may not have touched the ball very often in this game, but he certainly made the most of it. Grabbing a brace in only his 4th start of the season, Dost proved more than proved his worth. He showed a real awareness of where the ball was and, more importantly, where it was going to be. This was never more evident then when he poached Robert Lewandowski's poor clearance attempt to bang home his 2nd of the game. If he can stay healthy, this 6'4 beast could become their next Mario Mandzukic

Meister Of The Match: Kevin De Bruyne

The short explanation here that he was quite simply masterful. He showed that his strong performance at the World Cup for Belgium was no fluke as he was strong on the ball, showed a great passing touch and on his 2 goals, he made great runs to take the ball into the box and finish from short range. He honestly reminded me of Arjen Robben with his strong dribbling and dangerous attacking ability. With Bayern playing a high line, De Bruyne played the counter attack to perfection

Honorary Meister Of The Match: Junior Malanda

Whenever a young person loses their life before they've even had a chance to live it to the fullest, it is a great tragedy. Whether that person is a promising young footballer or a regular 20 year old student, there is never anything that can fully ease the pain of that kind of loss. No parent should ever have to bury their own child, so to the family of Junior Malanda, I'd just like to say that you have the condolences of everyone here at BFW. Your son's team surely played for his memory, and his spirit was with them in full force. It's a shame the world never got to see how good a footballer Junior could have been, but the bigger tragedy is that his family never got to see the great man he could have grown up to be. RIP, Junior, In Coelo Quies Est.

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