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Lionel Messi transfer rumors: Is the Barcelona man on his way to Bayern Munich?


Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images

Some very strange machinations have deemed it necessary to start one of the most ridiculous transfer rumors of our generation. It's the kind of rumor where you know that it's not true from the moment that you hear about it. Of course, one can never say never in the world of soccer, but this is a surefire rumor that will not be happening.

Lionel Messi will not be leaving Barcelona to join Bayern Munich.

Due to reported arguments with Barca head coach Luis Enrique, the Messi transfer rumors started flying hot and heavy. In reality, the number of clubs that could afford to sign Messi and would be willing to spend the €250 million (TWO HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION EURO) release clause is extremely small: Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City. However, none of these clubs will sign Messi, and I will let FC Bayern Chief Executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge explain to you exactly why the club is out of the running for his signature.

"Messi and Barcelona are like a lifelong marriage. They'll never break up, no matter how many problems they face in the relationship. It's the same thing as Phillip Lahm and Bayern. I know Barça's executives well enough to know they'll never consider selling him. He has a €250 million release clause. He has to stay at Barça forever."

The only two things linking Messi with a move to Bayern are Pep Guardiola and Adidas. Neither of those entities have the desire or clout to spend that kind of money to bring him to Munich.

The real revelation in all of this is just how blunt Rummenigge and company have been in the transfer window over the last couple of seasons. The club has shown incredible interest in speaking out on any and (depending who the person is) all transfer rumors surrounding the club. Rummenigge, of course, holds nothing back when discussing potential transfers and generally speaks in clear language about them. This is a wonderful trait that should be adopted by more clubs.

Plus, one current Bayern player already took the message to "show that you are better than Messi" to heart. Who needs Messi when we have Mario Götze?

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