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Mario Götze unveils his new app which is all about Mario Götze

Mario Götze is a master of branding and his new app is the ultimate expression of that

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

In case following Mario Götze on Twitter wasn't a big enough thrill what with all the continual #PartofGoetze branding and his #lukewarmtakes on movies like The Hobbit, now you can get an even bigger thrill. iOS and Android users of varying platforms now have to make the decision of whether to snag their very own copy of the Mario Götze app.

Trying to keep up with Mario on Instagram too hard? Now you can receive push notifications on your mobile device showing you the latest picture of him working hard yet still maintaining miraculously immaculate hair midst stage theater quality lighting!

Ready to read the most recent "editorially produced news and information" about Mario Götze, Bayern Munich, and Germany? Then look no further than the news section of the new app!

Do you want to be #PartofGoetze (despite the fact that it's a super creepy sounding and weird branding slogan)? Then you need this app!

Or alternately, you could just subscribe to Mario Götze on the varying social media platforms that exist and rely on the apps that already exist to promote content you enjoy. Of course, that would involve removing #branding from your life and if that's the case, why don't you just smash all your technology, run away, and live in a cave?

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