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David Alaba Responsible for Flavius Daniliuc's Move to Bayern Munich

The Austrian sports hero helped Daniliuc through a tough situation, and now the two will unite as part of the same club.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Flavius Daniliuc, a 13-year-old Austrian forward, moved from Real Madrid to Bayern Munich's youth academy. How did this happen? Recent reports suggest David Alaba as the main catalyst.

The two-time Austrian Player of the Year apparently met with Daniliuc in Austria around Christmas. It was after that encounter when the teenager elected to switch allegiances and move to Germany.

The two had met before, in Vienna in 2011 at a meet-and-greet their fathers Michael Daniliuc and George Alaba arranged, according to Krone. The encounter was shortly after the attacking talent made the switch from Rapid Wien's academy to Real Madrid's. The two stayed in touch since then, Alaba calling Daniliuc his kleine Bro, or little brother.

After that meeting, as Krone explains, Daniliuc received a drubbing from some of the older players. His family 1400 miles away in Vienna, the teenager had to deal with this alone, and his homesickness grew.

Alaba facilitated Daniliuc getting into contact with Bayern. The club's U14 coach, Harald Cerny, is a former Austrian national himself, and Bayern convinced Daniliuc move to Munich after a little back-and-forth. His father Michael is extremely grateful for what Alaba had one for his son.

"We are forever thankful for David," said Michael Daniliuc. "Not only because of the transfer, but he his also the perfect role-model for Flavius. Despite his accomplishments, he is down-to-earth, has no allurements, and works hard everyday. My son needs to orient himself with that."

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