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Der Monday Meister: Liverpool's failed transfer bid for Xherdan Shaqiri, Bundesliga online streaming news

The calm before the storm. The transfer window is closed, the Champions League groups are set, there is apparently a bye week in the Bundesliga, and the various national teams are preparing for the Euro Qualifiers. This weeks Meister will be short, comparatively in length, to last week's, if only because we are firmly in the eye of the UEFA Soccer Hurricane. Let's get down to it, shall we?

Alexander Hassenstein

Bayern News Roundup

Just because we ain't playing, doesn't mean there's no news to talk about.

Xherdan Shaqiri Reveals Failed Bid, Pisses Off Many

In a bit of a surprising but not THAT surprising news (if you're familiar with Shaq's willingness to speak his mind to the press), Xherdan Shaqiri revealed that Liverpool had a bid on the table for his services, and that Bayern management put their put down with a resounding "NEIN!!"

Now, some have taken this to believe that Shaq doesn't want to be here anymore. Some others have even gone to say that he will become a clubhouse cancer of sorts (I'm not here to name names). I think this whole issue is an overreaction. Shaq is a young kid who is coming off of a pretty darn good World Cup performance for Damn Swiss (name that movie) and wanted to strike while the proverbial iron was hot. Can't blame him for a second.

Does it mean that he is unhappy? I haven't seen anything to suggest that he is. In fact, according to my compatriots at the DC Bayern Capitol 11 Fan Club, Xherdan was all smiles at the fan appreciation event at the Adidas store before the match in New York. They said of all the players present, he was one of the friendliest and most approachable.

Now, I think he'll eventually get sold, but I've seen nothing to make me not like him and certainly nothing that would make me think he'd be all pissy on the bench. He wants to play, that much is obvious, but he's a professional. He just needs a press secretary to manage his statements to the media. I think his heart is in the right place, but he just doesn't always think before he says things to reporters. However, I still love the kid. I mean, just look at him. He's freaking adorable.

Platini Vows To End All International Retirements, Calls Up Zidane

From the WTF Department, Michel Platini has basically endorsed a form of soccer slavery for the players. Essentially, he is threatening Franck Ribery with a 3 match ban from his club team should he retire from his national team, Les Bleus. Yea, I don't get this either. If Franck wants to retire from Bayern Munich, are you gonna clap him in irons and send him to the Bastille? This quote from him really grinds my gears

"Ribery cannot simply decide whether he plays for France or not."

Uhhhh, what? I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure Ribery can decide to retire if he damn well pleases. And what's next, you're gonna suspend Lahm as well?

"It's not Lahm's decision, it's Low's.'

Okay, I can clearly see you're either drunk, or you've divorced yourself from reality.

"I have zero understanding of this."

Yes, Mr. Platini, that much is obvious...

Thiago's Recovery Worries Many, Others Not

I really don't know what to make of this. Supposedly, Sammer and co. are worried about Thiago's recovery time. However, a happy shirtless thumbs upping Thiago says that all is well! I don't know, I want to see Thiago back before his initial time table of November, but in the words of Vermont State Police Captain O'Hagan "I'll believe that when me sh*t turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet."

Schweinsteiger Named Kapitan

Bastian Schweinsteiger has been, unsurprisingly, named Der Kapitan of the German National Team. I can't say I can think of anyone else I'd rather have with the armband, particularly after his performance in the World Cup. The man has shed enough blood, sweat and tears on the pitch to fill Allianz a few times over. He's as natural a leader as I've ever seen in anyone in any sport in any era. So, let us all stand and raise our glasses to the new captain. Congrats, Basti, you've certainly earned it

Bundesliga Enters 21st Century, Allows Live Streaming Of Matches

In a move that is both awesome and embarrassing, KlowdTV has reached an agreement to bring live streaming of GolTV, and therefore the Bundesliga, into the home of any American who is willing to pay the paltry 8 bucks a month. This move is awesome, because now I can finally watch the games from the comfort of my own home. Seriously, 8 bucks a month is a FRACTION of the bar tab I would be running up, so in reality, I'm actually saving money (I'm practicing this speech for my wife). This is also simultaneously embarrassing because it took the Bundesliga (yes, I fault them as well as GoltTV) a ridiculously long time to figure out that there was an actual demand for their product in the USA. THIS is why La Liga and the EPL are kicking our collective asses when it comes to viewership and television ratings. Now, I know there is a new TV deal coming, and thank goodness for that, but this is still a tad embarrassing to tell all my buddies at work that yes, I can FINALLY watch my team play live, albeit through internet streaming

Beer Of The Week!

Due to the strong backlash against IPAs from last week, I am picking a beer that you people can't possibly turn against. That previous sentence was written with just a hint of sarcasm. I love IPAs and will continue to pick them for beer of the week more often than not, but this week, I just happened to get my hands on a wonderful little brew from Kelheim, Germany. It is called Hopfenweisse, and it is brewed by Schnieder Weisse. This beer has a wonderful wheat backbone with a definite hop flavoring that I believe came after the boil (think, dry hopping). It is described as a pale wheat doppelbock which would suggest that it has characteristics of a pale ale, a hefeweizen and a belgian bock beer. The wheat and the hops really come through as this beer is both refreshing yet bitter enough to please even the biggest hop head you may be entertaining. Of course, if it is just you and this little bad boy, you won't be disappointed either. Upon first pour, you'll most likely notice some sediment in the beer, but don't let that scare you off. It's only because they did the secondary fermentation in the bottles. The sediment is perfectly healthy for you and honestly, you won't even notice the little specs when drinking it. Also, this beer is Reinheitsgebot approved!

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