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Bayern Munich Community Ratings: Multi-match week ratings compilation

The Bavarian Football Works Community ratings for their draw with Hamburger SV and victory over SC Paderborn.

Martin Rose

It was kind of a busy week for Bayern Munich.

That is kind of a crap sentence since it was just like 50% of the other weeks they have in a season where they play a game on Saturday and then again on Tuesday. With that said, we have for you a double dose of community ratings for the Hamburger SV draw and the 4-0 annihilation of SC Paderborn on Tuesday! Were your ratings civil? Did you eviscerate Bayern Munich for their lackluster performance on Saturday? Did you gleefully over report your enthusiasm for their win on Tuesday (at least one of you did this since there was an all 5's across the board vote)? To the ratings!

Bayern Munich 0-0 Hamburger SV Ratings


Player Rating. Std Dev.
Jerome Boateng 3.84 1.19
Manuel Neuer 3.75 1.1
Xabi Alonso 3.37 1.26
David Alaba 3.22 1.21
Thomas Müller 3.2 1.11
Philipp Lahm 3.13 0.96
Mario Götze 2.97 1.02
Juan Bernat 2.92 1.2
Dante 2.71 1.12
Claudio Pizarro 2.66 1.11
Robert Lewandowski 2.61 1.24
Rafinha 2.45 1.09
Xherdan Shaqiri 2.25 1.11
Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg 2.09 1.07


So, I didn't elect a man of the match for the 0-0 draw with Hamburger SV. I think the match speaks for itself. Maybe the man of the match was boredom. Maybe it was ineptitude. Maybe Julian Green? It was probably Heiko Westerman's left ankle. No Bayern Munich player deserved an honor for that match so I'm not going to give one.

The readership voted Jerome Boateng their man of the match with an aggregate score of 3.84. That his standard deviation was one of the highest among the team speak to just how varied and wide spread the rating were for the centerback, and indeed most of the team, were. It was also a fair rating, as he was one of the few players who seemed to have his head screwed on correctly, snuffing out a multitude of Hamburg attacks. That included a rather notable one against the speedy Julian Green. The other relative standout was Manuel Neuer who had a very good game, that 90th minute marauding escapade conveniently ignored.

One of big takeaways from the game however was that the overwhelming majority of Bayern Munich fans were very unimpressed with the team's performance. Big shocker, I know. Eight of the fourteen players graded out at below the average line of 3.0.

Readers were especially harsh to both Xherdan Shaqiri (perhaps undeservedly so, given he got zero quality link up play from the deep midfielders) and Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg (deservedly so, since he was a midfield turnover machine). The normally solid Claudio Pizarro could not escape your wrath, grading out at 2.66.

However, the biggest shock to me was Juan Bernat, who I thought had a rather good game and came in at almost exactly average.

Bayern Munich 4-0 SC Paderborn


Arjen Robben 4.55 0.63
Mario Götze 4.53 0.68
Xabi Alonso 4.35 1.06
Thomas Müller 4.21 0.7
Robert Lewandowski 4 0.86
Philipp Lahm 3.8 0.72
Manuel Neuer 3.73 0.69
David Alaba 3.62 0.92
Jerome Boateng 3.42 0.91
Sebastian Rode 3.3 0.96
Dante 3.08 0.8
Rafinha 2.81 0.79
Juan Bernat 2.76 0.79
Pierre-Emil Hojbjerg 2.75 0.72


After a 4-0 win, how wildly the ratings can swing. The entire Bayern Munich attacking midfield hummed along like a well oiled machine in their clash with Paderborn on Tuesday. They hummed along so well that every single attacking player graded out above average for the match.

You guys, the readers, opted to select Arjen Robben as your Man of the Match with an aggregate score of 4.55 narrowly beating out the writer's selection of Mario Götze by a mere 2 hundredths of a point. Maybe we should elect co-Men of the Match? Either way, it's clear that Bayern Munich were on fire on Tuesday.

Rounding out the other top performers were Xabi Alonso, Thomas Müller, and Robert Lewandowski.

A curious thing to note is that once again Philipp Lahm hovered right around the 3.7 to 3.8. He's been around this level of voting in every vote so far with the exception of the above Hamburger SV game. Even in a season where offensively and tactically the team has been a little wild and unpredictable, that Philipp Lahm commands this level of consistency in voting among the readers from match to match is a little astonishing. Or maybe it's not so astonishing given it's Philipp Lahm and consistency is his first, middle, and last name.

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