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Bayern Munich vs. Manchester City | Community Ratings and Man of the Match

Jerome Boateng was selected by the author as the Man of the Match. Did the community match his vote, or did they go for a dark horse candidate?

Alexander Hassenstein

So we're back to agreeing with each other, huh?

I selected Jerome Boateng as the Man of the Match after an impressive game in Bayern Munich's 1-0 win over Manchester City. As a vital cog in a Bayern Munich defensive game that did a masterful job of shutting down David Silva and Edin Dzeko all evening, he registered 4 interceptions and 3 clearances. Boateng was also an offensive juggernaut registering three shots, 2 on target, including the game's lone goal late in the second half. He was everywhere for Bayern Munich and the partnership he and Xabi Alonso are starting to develop could quite possibly be the best thing for Bayern Munich's season.

For an offense that spent most of the night sputtering and dying like a gasoline engine full of diesel, it took Jerome Boateng to bail them out and did he ever with wonderfully difficult strike.

Community Ratings


Player Rating Std Dev.
Jerome Boateng 4.62 0.74
Xabi Alonso 4.31 0.8
David Alaba 4.03 0.78
Manuel Neuer 3.84 0.82
Philipp Lahm 3.74 0.82
Arjen Robben 3.61 0.87
Mario Götze 3.56 0.79
Mehdi Benatia 3.54 0.82
Juan Bernat 3.45 0.78
Thomas Müller 3.45 0.93
Rafinha 3.22 0.85
Claudio Pizarro 3.11 0.83
Robert Lewandowski 3.09 0.85
Dante 2.71 1.05


You, the readership, opted to vote along the same lines as I selected, choosing Jerome Boateng as your man of the match with an aggregate rating of 4.62 to go along with the lowest standard deviation of votes!

Xabi Alonso, for the third match in a row, graded out around the 4.3 mark. Since his addition to the team he's been the most consistent performer on this Bayern Munich team. Considering the reaction surrounding that move and his relative pittance of a price tag, the move is starting to look like a truly impressive piece of work from Bayern Munich (Thanks Florentino for not looking at James Rodriquez before buying him!)

David Alaba's transition back into the midfield is starting to earn him plaudits form the user base as you rated him the only other player above a rating of 4. I think we can qualify that Mehdi Benatia's debut was a success considering he rated out as the highest defender besides Boateng, above Juan Bernt and Rafinha.

It was clearly not Robert Lewandowski's night as he rated out as the lowest player from the starting 11, barely clearing the average threshold in the ratings. Given he was playing in a triangle of brutishness composed of Vincent Kompany, Martin DiMichelis, and Fernandinho it's not surprising the Polish striker had an off night compared to his usually more above average performances.

However, it was Dante who received the brunt of Bayern Munich fans ire as he was the only player to grade out with a poor to average rating. It's hard to fault the community given his five minutes including a massive error, but if ever there was a performance befitting of an incomplete grade it was this one as it was nearly his only action of the match.

Scale: 1 - Abject; 2 - Poor; 3 - Average; 4 - Above Average; 5 - Exceptional; 0- Incomplete

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