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Do you want to contribute to Bavarian Football Works?

We're looking to add a few contributors to Bavarian Football Works for the upcoming season.

Oliver Hardt

Ever since I had the honor of taking over Bavarian Football Works, I was clear that the only way the site could be improved is if I had help. There's no question that Ryan, Davis, Samrin, Scott, Sam, and Andy have helped turn BFW into what it is today. Since the writing is on a volunteer basis, I'm in no position to make demands on anyone. They do it, because they love writing about Bayern Munich.

Our goal is to continue improving over the course of the upcoming season, and we have some ideas that we'd like to implement. In order to do this, we are going to need some help. We're looking to add some people to the staff here at Bavarian Football Works. Here are some things that we're looking to fill.


While I believe that we do a very good job at bringing news and rumors to everyone while providing context to them, there's always room for improvement. One thing that we struggled with during the season was providing match recaps for every single match. We will have that for the 2014-2015 season.

Bayern Munich II & Bayern Munich Frauen

The minimum coverage for FCBII and FCB Frauen remains a match report for all of their games. Any additional coverage that they receive is welcome.

Video Coordinator

There are a lot of videos floating around the Internet about Bayern Munich. Old videos or new videos, as long as they're interesting, we can bring them here to BFW.

Bayern Munich History

This club has such a rich history, and we need to explore it more. Legendary players, teams, games and events surrounding the club are there for the choosing. It doesn't matter if it happened one or one hundred years ago. If it interests you, it surely interests someone else. This can be a one-off event, or you can turn it into a regular feature. One thing that I would never claim to be is a historian regarding FCB, and I know that there are those of you that have a lot of knowledge about the club's history that would benefit the newer fans from learning.


If you'd like to write a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly piece on anything Bayern Munich-related, then this is the position for you. You will have more editorial freedom in this role, and one current contributor is already shifting to this for the upcoming season.

If one of these positions interest you, I'd more than welcome a discussion with you about joining the staff here at Bavarian Football Works. You can email bavarianfbworks[at]gmail[dot]com and let us know how you'd like to contribute for the upcoming season

Thanks for reading.

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