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Should we start thinking about Sami Khedira in a Bayern Munich uniform?

Bayern Munich are reportedly close to signing Sami Khedira from Real Madrid

Jamie McDonald

According to Eurosport, Bayern Munich are apparently on the verge of completing a transfer for Sami Khedira.

Leaving aside that Europsort is definitely a very hit-or-miss source (and no other source has confirmed yet) and that Khedira currently being in eastern Germany (watching his brother play for RB Leipzig) doesn't really mean anything with regards to Bayern Munich, maybe it's time to start thinking about whether Sami Khedira is a good fit for Bayern Munich.  It's looking more and more likely at this point that the German international will be leaving Real Madrid especially given that Real Madrid play the second leg of the Spanish SupCup today against Atletico Madrid and Khedira is currently sitting in a stadium in Leipzig.

One of the mainstream transfer media's favorite ideas to cite is that Bayern Munich haven't replaced Toni Kroos, which conveniently ignores the narrative they pushed last summer when Bayern Munich were overloaded in midfield after picking up Thiago Alcantara. Which also completely ignores the emergence of 17-year-old Gianluca Gaudino who has had an extremely impressive pre-season for Bayern Munich. That doesn't count the already present Philipp Lahm, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Javi Martinez, Thiago Alcantara, Sebastian Rode, Pierre Hojbjerg, and David Alaba who are all capable midfielders for Bayern Munich. Given Javi Martinez's long term injury, you can probably make a case for Bayern Munich needing a centerback, but the idea that they need another midfielder is laughable.

The only way this addition makes sense is if Pep Guardiola intends to shift Philipp Lahm back into defense or out right (which we did see today) because otherwise there are too many high quality players for a pursuit of Sami Khedira to make much sense.

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