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Borussia Mönchengladbach starlet eager to join Bayern Munich

Sinan Kurt had some choice quotes for BILD about his desire to move to Bayern Munich

Oliver Hardt

Every club wants Marco Reus 2.0. If all the hype is correct, 18-year-old Sinan Kurt could be the next coming of the best player in Germany.

Which has lead to Bayern Munich courting the youngster who currently plys his trade with Borussia Mönchengladbach II. That action has certainly ruffled the feathers over in 'Gladbach, enough so that if scuttlebutt is to be believed it cost Bayern Munich the opportunity to sell Alessandro Schöpf to the Foals (instead opting to sell him to Nürnberg) with a structured buy-back clause written into the deal. When Bayern Munich offered €2.5M for Kurt earlier this summer, 'Gladbach rebuffed saying they wanted €5M.

Now caught in a standoff between the two teams, Sinan Kurt has thrown in his lot with Bayern Munich. In an interview with BILD (which has subsequently been run by Süddeutsche), the talented reserve player said "I've made my decision in favor of Bayern..." He further went on to intimate that he's announcing this to be fair and open with Borussia Mönchengladbach technical director Max Eberl about his desires, which is about the most made up piece of crock I've heard lately.

The only reason a player goes in front of the press and pushes for a move is because he's looking to do the exact opposite of what Kurt has said. I'm absolutely certain Eberl and Kurt have spoken about what Kurt wants juxtaposed to whatever contractual obligations he has with Borussia Mönchengladbach behind closed doors. Kurt doesn't need to address Eberl through the media, yet this is precisely what he's chosen to do. That's a pressure tactic and there's not a whole lot of ways to spin it differently.

The only question now is who folds first, Matthias Sammer or Max Eberl? With the fact that the Bayern Munich reserves are off to a very bad start, having only earned 8 points from their first 6 games, snagging Sinan Kurt as soon as possible at the €5M mark is probably the best situation for all parties involved. If you can pair Sinan Kurt with Lukas Scholl and Gianluca Gaudino in the Bayern Munich reserves this season as soon as possible, a homegrown trio that impressive could be knocking down the door's of the 3.Liga, or even the first team, quicker then any of us could anticipate.

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