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Bayern Munich withdraw contract extension, Toni Kroos set for Real Madrid

It's looking more and more like this is a done deal.

Adam Pretty

We've been reading the rumors for months, and it seems as though the details have been slowly trickling out over the last few weeks. Today, the most detailed information regarding the Toni Kroos transfer saga has been released courtesy of two different sources.

According to reports out of TZ and Bild, it seems as though Toni Kroos is definitely on his way to Real Madrid, or at least, he's probably finished at FC Bayern.

Bild reports that Kroos will sign a contract with Real Madrid through the summer of 2019 for around €12 million a year. Bayern's max offer to Kroos was around €10 million. Kroos's current contract at Bayern pays him €4 million a year, so the Madrid deal will triple his current earnings. However, the contract offered by Madrid is only slightly larger than Bayern's after taxes. The two clubs have yet to agree on a transfer fee with Madrid offering €25 million while Bayern are holding out for €30 million.

TZ follows up some that same information with this: Bayern Munich have withdrawn their contract extension. This move is likely "saving face" for Bayern as I'm sure they're a little hurt that Kroos has spurned an increased contract offer from €4 million to €10 million.

As you brace for Kroos's departure, just remember this fact from our friends over at FC Bayern Central.

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