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Bayern Munich's World Cup stars have insane travel schedule for MLS All Star Game

The player still out for the World Cup will be doing some crazy flying to make it to the MLS All Star Game.

Karina Hessland

There is zero question that European teams go on tours of North America and Asia almost solely for financial reasons. For Bayern Munich, it's extremely important that they begin capitalizing on these trips due to just how much the Bundesliga trails the English Premier League in television revenue.

Bayern Munich will be facing Chivas de Guadalajara on Thursday, but the real "glamour match" on this tour of North America is the MLS All Star Game in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday August 6. That is where the Germany World Cup players along with Dante and Arjen Robben will meet up with the rest of the squad.

However, if this report from Bild is correct those players are in for one hell of a 34 hour trip. Here is your timeline. We will use Pacific Daylight Time, since that is the timezone in which Portland is located. (This doesn't include Jerome Boateng, because he is vacationing in the United States and will meet up with the team much more easily.)

Wednesday, August 6 1:00 AM - Depart Munich

Wednesday, August 6 6:30 PM - Play in MLS All Star Game in Portland

Thursday, August 7 11:00 AM - Arrive in Munich

Yes, they will be flying in complete luxury, but that's still a crazy amount of travel. This further confirms everyone's suspicions that we'll only be getting a brief cameo appearance in the MLS All Star Game from these players.

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