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Bayern Munich respond to rumors of a Juan Cuadrado move

Matthias Sammer pours cold water on the Juan Cuadrado rumors.

Gabriele Maltinti

Matthias Sammer's code of media conduct:

Rule #1: Don't talk about transfer rumors

Rule #2: Don't talk about transfer rumors

Rule #3: Talk about transfer rumors when they become stupidly ludicrous

That code is exactly what Matthias Sammer followed today. When further rumors of Juan Cuadrado's signing broke out over the weekend saying Bayern Munich were going to slap down €42M for the Colombian international, it was nasal-passage-breaking-snortingly stupid (I'm still recovering). Yet at the same time, that's what the Colombian would cost given he's just transferred and signed with Fiorentina, so there was this faint glimmer of potential reality to them.

So, naturally Matthias Sammer followed his rules of conduct, by responding that the Juan Cuadrado rumors were "utter nonsense". This should serve to pour as much water as is feasibly possible on this story. While I'm sure we'll still see them linked just to generate some traffic and links to other transfer season debauchery, but unless something drastically changes (like, Florence burns down, the club disbands, and the Stay-Puft marshmallow man becomes real) Juan Cuadrado is not going to be a Bayern Munich player anytime soon.

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