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Toni Kroos transfer to benefit Hansa Rostock and Greifswalder SV

Bayern Munich wouldn't be the only club to benefit financial from Toni Kroos's proposed move to Real Madrid.

Stuart Franklin

It's expected that sometime after the World Cup, Toni Kroos's transfer to Real Madrid will be made official. However, more and more information is leaking out to the media. Today's update is all about finances.

According to TZ, Bayern Munich won't be the only clubs benefiting from Kroos joining Real Madrid. Thanks to FIFA's regulations regarding training compensation fees, two clubs from Toni's youth career will be receiving money from the completed transfer.

The rule is that a club a player is with from ages 12-23 will receive compensation for future transfers at the rate of .25% of the fee for every year that the player was at the club. This means that if the rumored transfer takes place three clubs will receive money.

Bayern Munich - €25 million

Hansa Rostock - €250,000

Greifswalder SV - €62,500

This was confirmed by Greifswalder's sporting director Daniel Gutmann: "A Spanish specialty lawyer has already contacted us. We will provide the proper documentation."

While that money seems paltry in comparison to what Bayern will receive, it will be a major boost to Hansa in the 3.Liga and Greifswalder down in the sixth division of Germany football in the Verbandsliga  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

I had heard about these rules in the past, but I didn't know what they exactly were. It's hard for me to find an argument against the rules being anything other than outstanding. It never hurts to help the little guy out and stay solvent. We're all well aware of Bayern's benevolent side when it comes to helping keep other clubs afloat. In fact, they played a friendly match against Hansa in order to help them raise funds while they were strapped for cash.

It's good to see that the powers-that-be did put in some clauses that will help the smaller clubs out there receive compensation for the players that they helped develop.

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