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Real Madrid sniffing around Bayern Munich's star midfielder

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Reports from Spanish paper El Confidencial are saying that Real Madrid are interested in snagging the German international from Bayern Munich

Martin Rose

Look! More Toni Kroos transfer hubbub! This time coming from Spain and Los Merengues.

Reported by the Spanish publication "El Confidencial", Real Madrid are very interested in acquiring Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich. According to the paper, Real Madrid were at first very reluctant to engage with Bayern Munich given the fact that these two clubs, along with Manchester United, are the financial power houses of Europe. Since then Kroos' agent, Volker Struth, has met with the los Blancos front office on three separate occasions. Apparently, that's been enough to incite their interest in the 24-year-old.

I'm not overly familiar with this paper's reputation, but I do know Kicker (only listed on their transfer ticker (which is HIGHLY selective)) and Abenzeitung's reputations and they're both running with this story as well. While the original Spanish report does not mention any numbers attached to the move, Abenzeitung seems to think a transfer fee of €20M is in the ballpark. It's probably just pulling that figure from it's nether regions though.

As for the rumor itself, it's Toni Kroos; every team in the world would love to have him. But if there is one team who does not need him, it's Real Madrid. With a diverse core of midfield talent including Isco, Angel Di Maria, and Luka Modric among copious others, Real Madrid have all the attacking and playmaking ability they would ever need. Luka Modric, in particular, doubles down on that as he's probably the most similar player in the world to Toni Kroos at this time. It's pretty hard to see this as a viable move from Real Madrid.

Then again, if you're looking for a side that makes moves on a whim without any semblance of rationality, it's Real Madrid (Hi Gareth Bale!).