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Tottenham Hotspur prepare bid for Bayern Munich starlet

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Can't. Tell. If. Serious.

Thomas Niedermueller


One of the more laughable English papers is running a story with another Bayern Munich player potentially on his way to England! Oh no! This time it's FCB II player Julian Green. Let me just quote the important part of the Metro's piece.

Tottenham are ready to make a £5 million bid for Bayern Munich winger Julian Green, with Mauricio Pochettino hopeful of making him his first signing.

Green, 18, is highly-rated by the Bundesliga champions, but despite being selected for the USA team for the World Cup, he is not close to breaking into the Bayern first-team.

Tottenham, a team of perennial underachievers that continually miss out on the Champions League by single digit points, want to buy a soon-to-be 19 year old with two minute of professional football? Really?

I don't see Bayern selling Green this summer, but I guess we shouldn't completely disregard the whole "sell with a buy-back option". However, let's say that Bayern were to sell Green to Spurs with an option to buy him back. What does SB Nation's Tottenham blog Cartilage Free Captain think about Green's chances in their team?

I'd also say that if the signing were to happen would he would likely go on loan to somewhere he can get a lot of playing time.

Wait, so Bayern would sell Green to a team like Tottenham to get more playing time, only to have them loan him out to another team to get said playing time? What's the point? Clearly, Bayern's board wouldn't go for this situation, as they've said on numerous occasions that they greatly value Green and see a future for him with the club. If they were going to sell him or loan him out, it would be to a club where they knew he would contribute. Plus, remember, he's still under contract until 2017.

However, this brings up the question of what exactly should Bayern do with Green this summer.