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Bayern Munich loses buy-back option as Liverpool FC snag Emre Can

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Emre Can has joined Liverpool FC of the Barclay's Premier League after they activated his €12M buy-out clause.

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Juergen Schwarz

After several weeks of bru-haha Liverpool FC have announced that they have signed Emre Can from Bayer Leverkusen after activating his €12M buy-out clause. According to Kicker, that €12M buy-out will come with a €2M parachute payment for Bayern Munich who had Emre Can under a joint contract with a buy-back clause after selling him to Bayer Leverkusen for €4.5M last season. All said and done, Bayern Munich make €6.5M from a player they signed at the age of 15.

With the breakout season like Emre Can had it's not hard to see why Liverpool FC were so interested; nearly 3000 minutes while contributing 3 goals and 5 assists and playing any position from fullback to attacking midfield. Emre Can was poised to potentially spend next season as one of the best players in the Bundesliga. Now he gets to don Liverpool red and hang out with Steven Gerrard.

It's hard to not feel like Bayern Munich got a little screwed in this deal. Emre Can was one of their most highly touted prospects over the last few years and to lose him one season after structuring a buy-back that looked like the best opportunity to maximize his development(given his refusal to accept loans) leaves a bit of a sour taste. Though at the same time, there really wasn't room for him on this Bayern Munich squad.