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Franck Ribery turned in two nearly opposite half-seasons

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While he was one of the best players in the world during the first half of the season, Franck Ribery suffered a huge drop in form during the second half.

Lennart Preiss

Franck Ribéry's season was Ballon d'Or centric, sandwiched between two very different halves of his season.

Goals Assists
16 15

Chasing FIFA's most prestigious individual award fueled his Hinrunde performance, single-handedly impacting the direction of Bayern Munich's attack. It was after the ceremony, in which Cristiano Ronaldo upstaged him, that things just did not seem the same.

Touches/90 Pass % Back Zone Pass % Forward Zone Pass %
99 84% 89% 77%

He had his share of fitness troubles, experiencing ankle and back issues, which sucked some life from his step, although he was able to be productive. Rumblings of discontent with the Ballon d'Or fallout was an alleged excuse, but regardless of what was ailing him mentally, something intangible was missing from his game.

Shots/90 KP+Assists/90 Duel % Aerial Duel %
3.05 3.56 49% 32%

He was one of the more notable disappearances against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Semifinal, and eventually had to sit out of the DFB-Pokal final due to injury. Now, his World Cup status is in jeopardy, for he is yet to play with his country in preparation for the World Cup.

Tackles/90 Int/90 Recoveries/90 Clearances/90
0.94 0.57 2.3 0.1

What started as a suitable succession of probably the best season of his career turned into a lost campaign in his résumé. What remains from the wreckage is, when healthy, the undiminished skill set of perhaps the best pure winger in Bayern's history.

Grade 2013-2014: B+