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Bayern Munich are reportedly interested in a Manchester City defender

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There's only one year remaining on Aleksandar Kolarov's contract, and reports suggest that big clubs are starting to circle.

Chris Brunskill

We know it's the silly season is "silly", so here's another one to wrap your mind around today. There are reports out there that suggest that Bayern Munich have expressed an interest in Manchester City left back Aleksandar Kolarov.

The 28 year old defender made 44 appearances in all competitions for the Premier League champions last season and did quite well. He joined Man City in 2009 after three seasons in Italy with Lazio. In fact, Gianluca di Marzio goes so far in Calcio Mercato to state that Bayern have reached out to Kolarov's representatives back in Serbia. However, as we've grown to learn from a lot of these Italian "sources" over the years, don't believe it until you see it. The same reports also state that Juventus, Roma, Milan, and Monaco are looking to bring Kolarov in to their respective teams.

Man City bought Kolarov from Lazio for £19m back when the English club probably would've bought me for about £2m. rates Kolarvo at around €12m at the present moment. He only has one year remaining on his current contract with Man City.

I know that you're sitting there and asking yourself, "But what about David Alaba!?". Well, we know that Alaba needs to have some legitimate competition at the left back position. As much as some people like Diego Contento, he hasn't been a threat to take that spot from Alaba since the Austrian made it his own last season. Signing Kolarov would also give Pep Guardiola more flexibility in his squad, allowing Alaba to suit up as a holding midfielder or winger and have to worry much less about defensive duties. It's something to ponder.