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Barcelona submits official offer for Bayern Munich's star midfielder

Barcelona have submitted an official offer for Bayern Munich's Toni Kroos

Stuart Franklin

According to Kicker, FC Barcelona has submitted an official offer to Toni Kroos' agents. While no mention is made of a timeline for the transfer, and no details on whether or not Barcelona has also been in contact with Bayern Munich, are published, it's hard to believe any deal would go this far without a basic framework in place. When asked for comment on the report Volker Struth responded with "No comment" (which admittedly means nothing other then "get that microphone out of my face")

So, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona. Chelsea. Juventus. Anyone else you want to toss on the transfer rumor bonfire? PSG? Liverpool? Guangzhou Evergrande? I'm amazed that Manchester City hasn't swung by yet.

While Bayern Munich have made it abundantly clear they expect Toni Kroos to play out his current contract, and Toni Kroos has really shown no hesitance at being willing to do so, it's not even July 1st yet. With the numbers of offers reportedly piling in, eventually you have to think Bayern Munich will blink and really look at one. I'm sure Borussia Dortmund blinked and looked long and hard at the prospect of getting €25M for one season of Robert Lewandowski. While ultimately retaining Lewandowski the right choice for Borussia Dortmund it's not the right choice for Bayern Munich. Comparisons have been made to the Michael Ballack to Chelsea scenario, but there's very little similarity in the surrounding circumstances considering the almost egregious depth Bayern Munich have in midfield.

If ever there was a blink moment for Bayern Munich, this is probably it. Barcelona are sending Xavi to someplace in the Middle East where he'll be paid entirely too much to be too old. Barcelona sold Fabregas to Chelsea. They have a new coach in Luiz Enrique who is certainly going to shake things up. This is the first transfer action for Toni Kroos that's made any sense since Juventus all those months ago. Would an almost over-the-top bid from Barcelona to get almost undeniably the best under-25 midfielder in the world be in the cards?

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