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Bayern Munich reserves continue their exodus from the club

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Bayern Munich have lost two more of their best reserve prospects to professional sides.

Micha Will

Another week goes by following the Bayern Munich reserves last second loss to Fortuna Köln in the Regionalliga playoffs, and more Bayern Munich reserve players are joining the mass exodus from the club.

Lukas Raeder. Gone. Vladimir Rankovic. Gone. Benno Schmitz. Gone. Kevin Friesenbichler. Benfica. Daniel Wein. Gone.

Now Bayern Munich get to add two more to that list as David Vrzgovic and Dennis Chessa are packing their bags for professional sides bringing the total list of departing starters to seven.

24-year-old defender David Vrzgovic, capable of playing both centerback and leftback, has signed with 3.Liga side Dynamo Dresden. Vrzgovic made 15 appearances for Bayern Munich II this last season, featuring almost exclusively at centerback after a cartilage injury kept him sidelined until after the winter-pausen. Dynamo Dresden were relegated from the 2.Bundesliga at the end of the 2013/2014 season and are prime candidates for youthful and viable 3.Liga players looking for a side anticipating to challenge for promotion.

Also departing is 21-year-old leftback Dennis Chessa who will join 2.Bundesliga side Vfr Aalen. Dennis Chessa made 28 appearances for the Bayern Munich reserves in the 2013/2014 season while playing almost exclusively leftback. After finishing mid table in the 2013/2014 2.Bundesliga Vfr Aalen will look to maintain their position in a transition year. With both of their current leftback options leaving the club, Dennis Chessa looks poised to make a major impact in next year's 2.Bundesliga.

With the loss of two left sided defenders, the continued rumors swirling around a possible departure of Ylli Sallahi make the Bayern Munich reserves entire left side a serious issue to focus on in the coming offseason. Even more terrifying is that with both Vrzgovic and Chessa leaving, Bayern Munich have now lost the entire first choice defense for a side that only allowed 35 goals over 38 games. While it's to be expected, given the semi-professional nature of the reserve side, it also severely diminishes the prospect that they could make another charge at promotion next season; especially while a side like FSV Illertisen looks to remain largely intact.