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Bastian Schweinsteiger struggled this season but should come back strong next

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It wasn't the easiest season for Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Alex Livesey

There's obviously no question that the 2013-2014 season wasn't a great one for Bastian Schweinsteiger. The vice-captain played in only 36 of the club's 56 matches and was injured on several different occasions. Coming off of last season, where you could argue that there were few, if any, better midfielders in the entire world, this season is obviously a disappointment.

However, there are a few extenuating services that reflect on many of the players this term. Learning Pep Guardiola's system and implementing it in a way that satisfies the Spaniard are two totally different things, and Schweinsteiger unfortunately never had the opportunity for preseason training in the new system. Hopefully, after the World Cup, Schweinsteiger will be able to join the team for a full preseason.

Schweinsteiger also, like a lot of players this season, struggled with his fitness. It seemed to me that just when he was getting going there would be a niggling injury that would set him back for a few weeks.

I don't really want to speculate that Schweinsteiger's place in the team is in danger, because I don't believe it. We've seen Guardiola flex his formation and lineup throughout the season to fit the players available for a particular game. Schweinsteiger will be turning 30 in August, and a rotation will be good for his ability to play long term.

We saw Der Fußballgott at full ability for a 11 day, 3 match stretch back in March. Beginning with Arsenal in the Champions League, Schweinsteiger would score a goal in three straight matches as Bayern closed in on the Bundesliga title. These matches assured everyone that Schweinsteiger still had it.

Moving forward into next season, not having to worry about which kids from the reserve team will be called up to fill out the roster would be great. Schweinsteiger was massive in Bayern's triple winning season, and his return to that form would be a big boost as Bayern go for another triple next season

Grade 2013-2014: B