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FIFA suspends Franz Beckenbauer for 90 days

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Der Kaiser has been suspended for 90 days by a FIFA Ethics panel

Thorsten Wagner

Bayern Munich's new brand manager, Franz Beckenbauer, has been suspended from any footballing activity for 90 days by a FIFA ethics panel according to numerous sources on social media.

Early indications from multiple sources are that this ban is for a failure to cooperate with an ongoing investigation into both the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids.

According to the official FIFA release, Beckenbauer has been found in breach of Article 83 paragraph 1 of the FIFA Code of Ethics (insert laugh here). That article reads as follows:

At the request of the chairman of the investigatory chamber or the chief of the investigation, the chairman of the adjudicatory chamber may take provisional measures (e.g. provisional sanctions) if a breach of the Code of
Ethics appears to have been committed and a decision on the main issue may not be taken early enough. The chairman of the adjudicatory chamber may also issue provisional measures for preventing interference with the establishment of the truth. - FIFA Code of Ethics

This breach has occurred following repeated requests, in multiple languages, for the former German international to provide information to an ongoing investigation. Beckenbauer was a special adviser to the FIFA Executive Committee until 2011 and during that time had close ties with both Russian gas interests and Qatar business interests before those countries won their respective bids for the World Cup.