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Mitchell Weiser needs to show something next season

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The 2013-2014 season was a struggle for the young player.

Alexander Hassenstein

After waiting and waiting for any sign of a breakthrough, a disappointing couple of appearances in the Bundesliga may have sealed Mitchell Weiser's fate.

It's telling that the most memorable thing he did last season was take a holiday instead of helping his FCB II teammates in their promotion playoff with Fortuna Köln, when even Claudio Pizarro (Claudio Pizarro!) offered to help them reach the third league.

As a youngster in the 1. FC Köln set-up, Weiser impressed Bayern so much Munich offered something in the neighborhood of €1 million for the rights to the 18-year old.

After a loan spell over the Rückrunde of the 2012-13 season in Kaiserslautern, Weiser returned to FCB Amateure.

He wasn't anything special in the Bayernliga, not like Julian Green or Alessandro Schöpf at least, and in his three matches with the first team he was clearly the weakest player on the pitch for either team, seemingly totally incapable of the simplest cross.

It would be a surprise to see him at Bayern much longer, I doubt the club want to send him on loan again, so if he doesn't seriously impress next season he may be moving on to another club.

His grade for all efforts this season is a C-, risking an F for not participating in the promotion playoffs. That will not be forgiven by the fans of FCB Amateure (thousands of which traveled to Cologne from Munich on a weeknight to see the match while he was on some beach somewhere) soon or ever.

Grade 2013-2014: C-